Project Methodology

Dot Interactive

7 step project cycle

  Step 1   - Strategy

We start this process by understanding your business goals and objectives and define a strategy that will meet those objectives. Through our Business Discover analysis program, we learn about your needs, and challenges you face. At the end of this inquiry we produce a set of requirements and deliverables that will meet your needs.
  Step 2   - Design

We explore ideas, options, and concepts. We strategize to develop a variety of interface design and technology solutions. This is an interactive process in which we work closely with you to examine and refine a wide range of potential designs.
  Step 3   - Construction

The construction phase applies to the execution of your solution. We develop and apply the technology that will bring your plans to fruition.
  Step 4   - Testing

We test all aspects of the site and its functionality. We work closely with you to verify the site meets your requirements.
  Step 5   - Implementation

After testing and verifying the site has meet your business goals it is ready to go "live".
  Step 6   - Marketing

Through these steps we will work with you to develop a marketing plan. We will identify what marketing needs you have. We will promote your site to the popular search engines and listings.
  Step 7   - Evaluation

A successful launching of a site stops when we have evaluated the effectiveness of the site. We will use site statistics and other research information to evaluate your site and work with you to ensure a successful site.