Website Management

The Pure Manager Website Management System gives our clients the ability to:

  • Maintain content on a website – anytime of day from any computer with an Internet connection.
  • Easily add/edit/remove website pages and categories without any HTML technical knowledge
  • Create photo galleries with thumbnails and descriptions
  • Maintain a news and press release section
  • Make text changes and add/remove images without impacting the overall site design
  • Create links to other pages on the site, as well as other websites
  • And much more

Pure Manager Website Management System Features:

  • Intuitive and simple browser-based content management interface (Works on Windows and Mac Platforms)
  • Powerful page editor with familiar Microsoft Word editing tools and content cleansing
  • Search Engine Friendly Links (ie.
  • Web page change history tracking and versioning (Review or go back to an older web page if needed)
  • Control access to content - Document/Category security (Create a Member Only Site)
  • Dynamic, self-updating page indexes and navigation
  • Ability to create RSS & Atom feeds
  • Flexible calendaring capabilities
  • Flexible approval and workflow processes
  • Document management
  • Content collaboration features
  • Content personalization and reuse
  • Opt-In E-mail Marketing Subscriber Management  
  • Automatic Sitemap.txt creation and updates
  • Google Site Registration
  • Integrated Content Management System Web Stats (Quickly view Popular Pages and Search Engine Keywords)
  • Google Analytic Web Stats 
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